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Ordering Prints is Easy!

Whatever images you would like to purchase, Click the “Add To Cart” button to bring up the size selection dialog box, input your size request(s) and then either choose “Checkout” or “Continue Shopping”  When you have finished selecting your pics, you will be taken to the PAYPAL payment page, where you can either sign in and pay via PAYPAL, or you can checkout as a guest using any major credit / debit card.  Any questions or problems, contact me here or call me direct  at 207-231-0280



Thank you VERY MUCH for visting Fort Kent Photography and Video…  Enjoy your pictures!





Jim Majka






labbefamilyredo.jpg - labbefamilyredo.jpgRena Labbe_0007.jpg - Rena Labbe_0007.jpgRena Labbe_0008.jpg - Rena Labbe_0008.jpgRena Labbe_0009.jpg - Rena Labbe_0009.jpgRena Labbe_0009A.jpg - Rena Labbe_0009A.jpgRena Labbe_0010.jpg - Rena Labbe_0010.jpgRena Labbe_0013.jpg - Rena Labbe_0013.jpgRena Labbe_0015.jpg - Rena Labbe_0015.jpgRena Labbe_0018.jpg - Rena Labbe_0018.jpgRena Labbe_0021.jpg - Rena Labbe_0021.jpgRena Labbe_0022.jpg - Rena Labbe_0022.jpgRena Labbe_0023.jpg - Rena Labbe_0023.jpgRena Labbe_0024.jpg - Rena Labbe_0024.jpgRena Labbe_0025.jpg - Rena Labbe_0025.jpgRena Labbe_0027.jpg - Rena Labbe_0027.jpgRena Labbe_0029.jpg - Rena Labbe_0029.jpgRena Labbe_0029A.jpg - Rena Labbe_0029A.jpgRena Labbe_0030.jpg - Rena Labbe_0030.jpgRena Labbe_0031.jpg - Rena Labbe_0031.jpgRena Labbe_0033.jpg - Rena Labbe_0033.jpgRena Labbe_0034.jpg - Rena Labbe_0034.jpgRena Labbe_0036.jpg - Rena Labbe_0036.jpgRena Labbe_0037.jpg - Rena Labbe_0037.jpgRena Labbe_0038.jpg - Rena Labbe_0038.jpgRena Labbe_0039.jpg - Rena Labbe_0039.jpgRena Labbe_0040.jpg - Rena Labbe_0040.jpgRena Labbe_0041.jpg - Rena Labbe_0041.jpgRena Labbe_0042.jpg - Rena Labbe_0042.jpgRena Labbe_0043.jpg - Rena Labbe_0043.jpg





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